Top Alternative Entertainment Activities During A Wedding Reception

For you to have a memorable wedding reception, it is best to have some great entertainment. Apart from choosing the DJs, there are various ways to make your guests busy throughout the event. You can try the tips below to make everyone happy and filled with energy during your big day:

Involve your Friends and Family Members

Couples look forward to seeing their friends and family members on their wedding day. If your friend or relative is a performer, get them involved with the wedding reception. If your sister is a singer, it is the right time to let her jam with the amazing bands. Meanwhile, if your best friend is a dancer, then you can give her the floor and let her showcase some moves. With this, you can hear great cheers from the crowd because they know someone performing on the stage. Also, it is the best moment to see someone close to you offer their talent for your big day.

Welcome the Guests with Singers

As the guest proceed the reception, you can have wedding musicians to welcome them. Ask the band to prepare a list of songs which will fit different age groups. Wedding singers can energize the atmosphere and pump up everyone for a series of activities.

They offer different song genres like the ballad, disco, acoustic, or alternative rock. Make sure that the wedding bands that you hire can fit with your budget.

Food as Entertainment

Not many people know that food can be an awesome source of entertainment too. Hire the services of a food truck during your reception. Let your guests fall in line and grab their snacks. As they fall in line, they can talk with friends and meet new acquaintances. Surely, this food truck experience will be the talk of the town in the next days to come.

A Bar for Temporary Tattoos

To unleash the rebel side of you, you can create a bar for temporary tattoos. With this, guests can lose a little during the reception. You can choose tattoos of various designs which can fit for all gender. Ask an expert to assist the bar so everyone can have a good time with their temporary tattoos.

Give Guests an Activity to Do

To make the guests busy, you can create a kiosk with activities. For men, you can have a cigar rolling station. For women, you can create a flower crown station. They can create their flower crowns using different ribbons and flowers and let them grab a picture at the photo booth. Surely, the memories will last a lifetime.